The Brand Guild

The premier coaching group for scaling up your business with the help of Austin Brawner and high-achieving business owners.  


The Brand Guild

The premier coaching group for scaling up your business with the help of Austin Brawner and high-achieving business owners.  


"I’d listened to tens of hours of the [Ecommerce Influence] podcast and I knew Austin was the right person to help me profitably scale my company.

Once we hit over $200K per month in revenue, it was the right time to join the Brand Guild. 

Since we joined, we’ve been growing on all fronts. Email open rates are over 20%, we're doing 7 figures a month, and our subscription business has exploded."  

Justin Maddahi, VP of Online Sales & Marketing, Oral Essentials

"We were growing so quickly that we had no idea what to focus on. Prior to joining, I wasn’t sure what I was really going to get out of the Brand Guild or what exactly we’d be working on.  

But soon after I joined, Austin helped us determine what would be most impactful for our business.  

We’ve doubled, if not tripled our revenue already. We've grown our email marketing from zero to upwards of 25% of our revenue, and we’ve created much better processes for our company, which has saved us tens, if not hundreds, of hours of time.  

Helen Guo, Co-Founder, The Cereal School

"Austin is a super smart and genuine marketer who is influential and well-respected in the industry. 

Having him in our corner guiding us has been transformative as he leverages his experience, expertise, and network to help me and the business grow tremendously.

My business has grown by about 50% over the last year while working with Austin. I've saved tens of hours, if not hundreds of hours, just by talking to him, and having him point me to the right resources."

Kevin Chen, VP, iRestore

Kevin Chen


Here's what you'll get as an active member:

  • An initial audit of your current business situation and desired goals.
  • Recurring private 1:1 consultations with Austin on a schedule agreed upon based on needs. (This is likely every 2 weeks and will be determined on the second call.) 
  • Weekly group call with Austin and other members to check-in on progress, learn new things, and remove roadblocks. 
  • Access to the Ecommerce Coalition, including special access to the VIP section where you can post privately to Austin or in the group to other VIP members.
  • Private members-only Slack channel where you can easily chat and connect with other members and the Brand Growth Experts team.


  • You must be the owner of the business or acting executive. 
  • You should already be generating at least $1 million per year with the business you want help with to qualify.  
  • Membership is set up as a revenue share ‘Royalty’ deal where you only pay for results. As your business grows, you'll pay a small pre-determined % of revenue. In the unlikely event your business does not grow, you'll pay nothing.
  • Involvement in the Brand Guild is a longer-term arrangement.
  • You will get both group coaching and custom 1:1 mentoring.
  • We meet weekly for group coaching and expect you to attend as often as possible.
  • You are responsible for implementing the action steps we outline during your "Acceleration Audit." 
  • Expect no more than 10 members to be in the program.
  • All member discussions must be kept confidential.
  • Austin coaches one person per membership.
  • You must have an excellent product or service that helps people, no shady businesses allowed.


Austin Brawner is the world’s most sought after ecommerce business coach. He’s personally advised many of the top ecommerce businesses in the world. Companies like Ancient Nutrition, Brickell, and Kettle & Fire pay him $7,000 a day to help them uncover hidden profits in their businesses.  

He’s also the leader of The Brand Guild. His ideas have guided the conversation around ecommerce for the last five years, and have helped thousands of ecommerce companies grow.



"Austin is one of the smartest marketers in ecommerce today. 

He knows how to boost retention and how to grow profitable ecommerce businesses, that's why I've had him speak at my events!"  

Ezra Firestone, CEO Boom by Cindy Joseph

Ezra Firestone

"Austin is a marketing expert. He’s creative, smart, and one of the few people I trust with anything related to ecommerce. 

I highly recommend working with him, he will help you grow your business!"  

Taylor Pearson, Author, The End of Jobs

Taylor Pearson

"A lot of what helped MVMT grow to our first $10 million in sales, I learned from Austin.  

I listened to his podcast every week and took away lessons that helped us grow tremendously. He’s smart as hell and I highly recommend working with him!"  

Jake Kassan, CEO MVMT Watches

Jake Kassan


The Brand Guild is currently full. If you'd like to be added to the waitlist, click the button below and enter your email, and we'll let you know as soon as a spot opens up.

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Important notice:  

We make no guarantees that you will make money. Business is risky and many factors are out of our control, especially how well you implement the information.  

You may even lose money; however, it is unlikely given that we do not accept members unless we think we CAN substantially improve their situation.  

By joining the Brand Guild you are accepting full responsibility for any actions you take.  

Group meeting times are Mondays, 5pm CST.