Ecommerce Email Marketing 101: Drive Sales, Increase Profits, Win the Long Game

There is a buzz in ecommerce right now around Social Media Marketing, and the hype is real. Facebook Ads, Instagram, and Pinterest are incredible tools to drive traffic and get customers.

You might have heard a story or two about someone “figuring out Facebook Ads” and 10x-ing their business in a few months.

But when I start working with a business owner, I don’t start by asking about Social Media Marketing.  I start with email marketing.

Why? Because ecommerce email marketing separates amateurs from the pros.


Social Media Marketing might drive acquisition, but a good marketer knows real profits come from email marketing.

The great management consultant W. Edwards Deming once said, “Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.”

In ecommerce, the best way to drive repeat purchases is with email. The best way to get your customers to boast about your product (i.e. write reviews) is with email. And the best way to get them to bring friends with them (i.e. refer friends) is with email.

Top 3 marketing channels by revenue

This chart compares the top 3 ecommerce marketing channels by revenue this last November. Organic #1, Email #2.

I’ve been writing and talking about ecommerce email marketing for a long, long time. On this page I’ve consolidated my best resources, no matter where you are in your journey with email marketing.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Articles

Must Read Articles:

Are you driving traffic and making sales? Great, here’s how you can double your profit.

Big Picture Email Marketing Podcasts:

I’ve recorded a lot of podcasts about ecommerce email marketing.  I’ve sub-categorized them below to help you find what you need right now.

Mindset and Growing from $1 – $10 Million:

If you own, or are responsible for driving sales of an online store, this interview with Amy Africa is a must-listen.  She reveals her proven strategy for growing from $1 to $10 million as fast as possible.

Email Marketing Strategy and Tactics:

This three part podcast series reveals our philosophy behind successful ecommerce email marketing.  Capturing leads (part one), Converting Leads to Customers (part two), Driving Repeat Sales (part three).

Specific Email Marketing Lessons:

Here are some of our recordings about ecommerce email marketing. Creating funnels, recovering abandoned carts, retention marketing, etc.

Recover Abandoned Carts:

If you’re selling products online, you have abandoned carts. Here are 5 ways to stop leaking money.

Here is our formula for maximizing your abandoned cart recovery.

Data Driven Email Marketing (Interview):

Email Marketing Case Studies:

I’ve helped powerful brands from all over the world to maximize profits with ecommerce email marketing.  Learn what other companies are doing in our case studies from our work at Brand Growth Experts.

Case Study #1: How Ugmonk combined the power of Klaviyo with the expertise of Ecommerce Influence to experience a 796% combined return on investment.

Case Study #2: How We Helped Tipsy Elves prepare for Shark Tank and lift sales by 14.97% with Ecommerce Email Marketing.

If you’re interested in getting my help to drive email sales in your business, head to the site and request a free consultation.

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