129: Content Marketing – What You Need to Know With Nat Eliason

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Andrew Foxwell

Have you ever wondered how a few brands crush it with their content marketing, while the vast majority of blogs fall flat?

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Content Marketing With Nat Eliason Ecommerce Influence

Have you ever wondered how a few brands crush it with their content marketing, while the vast majority of blogs fall flat?

Are you interested in being able to track your blogging efforts? Do you want to know whether you should you be writing your content for shares or SEO? And how much is a realistic minimum investment (in both time and money) to make content marketing success for you?

In this episode, Nat Eliason, former head of Growth at Sumo and the founder of Growth Machine, answers those questions, and more. Join us as Nat talks about what’s working in content creation, how to create a strategy, and whether you should even do it at all. He also drops the truth about the 80/20 strategy related to content creation vs. promotion — and what he says just might surprise you.

Episode Highlights

  • 8:08 Who should be doing content marketing and what kind of content is successful?
  • 9:20 What’s the minimum investment for quality content marketing?
  • 13:00 The WIKI Strategy and how to use it to plan your content.
  • 19:46 How to approach content marketing if you are a product (not service based).
  • 25:04 Nat’s strategy for paid content — what he does (and doesn’t do) will surprise you.
  • 27:22 You’ve created the content, here’s when you can expect to see results.
  • 30:00 Setting the record straight on the 80/20 rule of content marketing.
  • 31:10 What Nat does his first two weeks with a new client to set them up for success (and you can do them too).
  • 32:30 The #1 thing most blogs fail to do: Actionability
  • 37:11 Are you answering people’s questions or are you trying to entertain? Nat talks about what your priority should be.
  • 45:44 What’s in Nat’s daily toolbox that makes his life better.

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