137: How to grow & scale your ecommerce business with Joe Fischer

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Andrew Foxwell

Running an online business can be a lonely endeavor.

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Ecommerce Influence Joe Fischer

Running an online business can be a lonely endeavor.

It’s easy to second guess yourself if you don’t have other business owners to connect with. Have you ever wished you could find out how other companies are managing their growth? In today’s episode, we get the inside scoop on what’s working (and what’s not) at the fast-growing gifting startup Greetabl.

Joe Fischer, the Founder of Greetabl, joins us today to talk about what worked for him as he grew his business from an idea to an industry. Joe talks about which marketing channels have worked best to fuel Greetabl’s growth, how to hire quality talent as you scale (even if you’re in a small town), the reality behind fundraising for your business, and the five key areas ecommerce brands need to focus on to see ongoing, sustained growth in the coming years.

Episode Highlights

  • 9:16 How Greetabl got in front of people to grow their business
  • 11:18 The campaign that Greetabl is excited about launching (Note: print marketing is not dead)
  • 15:45 Thinking about bringing everything in house? Here is how Greetabl is weighing those costs as a positive
  • 18:49 How to hire quality talent even if you are small business just starting to scale
  • 22:24 What ecommerce businesses can be doing to maintain sustained growth through 2018 and into 2019
  • 25:20 Who Greetabl views as their competition and how they address competition as a whole
  • 30:27 How to raise capital for you business and the secret sauce you will need to do it
  • 33:37 The best ads that are crushing it for Greetabl right now
  • 38:44 Email does it. The Campaigns that are delivering great ROI for Greetabl
  • 43:45 The tools and tactics Joe uses to balance life & work

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