139: Zuckerberg on Trial: What you need to know about the future of Facebook advertising

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Andrew Foxwell

Have you been wondering about the impact Facebook’s recent data privacy issues will have on digital marketing?

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Ecommerce Influence - Molly-Pittman

Have you been wondering about the impact Facebook’s recent data privacy issues will have on digital marketing?

Do you want to know what you need to do to get your ads in front of the right audience as social advertising continues to evolve? Then this episode is for you.

Master digital marketer Molly Pittman joins us to talk about all things Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. She discusses the three key things you need to launch a successful ad campaign as competition and costs continue to rise, the positive outcome she hopes to see from Facebook following the Zuckerberg hearings, and how to stay relevant as messenger continues to grow as an important advertising platform.

Episode Highlights

  • 4:20 Understanding the current state of advertising on social media
  • 7:20 The future of digital will include more informed consumers and a more regulated digital space.
  • 10:22 The best way to combat rising ad costs might just lie within your offer
  • 13:30 Why research and this free web tool (hint: you likely use it every day) are so important to the success of your ads
  • 15:53 Did you pick up on this during Facebook’s Congressional hearing? This is here Facebook is likely headed with advertising
  • 19:10 We are only at the infancy of marketing as we know it and here is why
  • 20:33 Communication with marketers may be the next big step for improving Facebook
  • 21:49 Why Messenger is the next frontier for facebook
  • 25:39 So what about Instagram? Here’s how it will likely grow into the digital advertising space
  • 29:14 Why ManyChat isn’t worried that Facebook will create their own bot
  • 33:22 What you should be doing to sustain your marketing mix for Q2
  • 37:30 Molly’s workflow for creating great Facebook ads and which step she spends most of her time on

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