BONUS: Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 Recap

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Alex Afterman, Deirdre Kelly, Terry Whalen, Kurt Bullock, Paul Fairbrother

We've got a special Black Friday/Cyber Monday BONUS episode for you today.

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Black Friday Cyber Monday Recap

We’ve got a special Black Friday/Cyber Monday BONUS episode for you today.

Andrew saw down with Alex Afterman of 11:11 Digital, Deirdre Kelly and Terry Whalen of Sum Digital, Kurt Bullock of Product Department and Paul Fairbrother of Hootsuite/AdEspresso to do a post-BFCM 2019 recap.

They discuss:

  • Trends they saw over the weekend
  • Bidding strategies that worked
  • Audiences that were successful
  • Creatives we saw working well
  • Reporting and assessing numbers


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