009: How He Bootstrapped A Successful Ecommerce Business From His Dorm Room & The Importance Of Customer Service In Ecommerce – Sam Franklin, Greenvelope

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Sam Franklin

Sam Franklin is the CEO and owner of Greenvelope.com. Which delivers the worlds most elegant electronic invitations.

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Sam Franklin is the CEO and owner of Greenvelope.com. Which delivers the worlds most elegant electronic invitations.

He founded Greenvelope back in 2008 in his college dorm room, after raising initial funds from pressure washing driveways and delivering pizza, he put $50,000 towards his dream of disrupting the electronic invitation industry.

He’s been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, and his company was recently named as “One of the Coolest Small Businesses in Seattle” by Business Insider.

Sam is a traveler, an outdoors-man, rock climber, and nature enthusiast, and at 26 years old is wise beyond his years.

Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview

  • How he bootstrapped Greenvelope from his dorm room to a successful ecommerce company.
  • The most important he’s learned from bootstrapping his business from the dorm room to where it is today.
  • How to have a personable, yet automated, top-notch customer service program that brings massive amounts of raving reviews and social proof that helps his site sell more.
  • The importance of pay per click in split testing and acquiring customers for a new product launch.
  • A split test he ran on his sign up a page that gave him a 10% boost.
  • How he developed a pop up that is converting at 9%, and he addresses the user experience concerns that he had, but no longer worries about.
  • A 72-hour promotion that generated over 100 Facebook shares.
  • Why you need to get your Analytics implemented from day one of your ecommerce business.
  • Plus a lot more!

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