136: The Contrarian Advertising Strategies Facebook Does Not Want You To Know

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Andrew Foxwell

Are you an ecommerce business owner who’s managing your own Facebook ads?

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Advertising Strategies Facebook Does Not Want You To Know

Are you an ecommerce business owner who’s managing your own Facebook ads?

Are you trying to stay on top of Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm, but really just want someone to share topline insights with you? Then this episode is for you.

Dive deep into Facebook Ads with Justin Marshall, from Ad Hoc Media. He talks about specific advertising strategies Facebook does not want you to know, optimization tactics for each part of the sales funnel, how to scale and ramp up your ads, and where he’s seeing surprising success (hint: it’s not with the typical CTA button ads).

Episode Highlights

  • 4:35 How Facebook advertising has changed and the ad type that’s actually outperforming traditional ads
  • 6:25 The resources that Justin uses to keep up with ongoing Facebook ad changes
  • 8:13 Automated Rules: What they are and how you can better use them in your Facebook campaigns
  • 10:45 Why thinking like the algorithm can improve your ads performance
  • 11:25 How having a higher average order value can improve ad testing and overall success
  • 14:31 What Justin looks for in a brand before helping them successfully scale with Facebook ads
  • 18:36 How to properly structure audience overlap and why you should not be as concerned about your ads competing with each other as much as you probably are.
  • 25:33 The counterintuitive objective structure that is actually working
  • 29:16 How boosting organic posts has actually helped deliver a 10x return for some clients
  • 31:39 Have your ads started to flop? Listen to Justin’s method for overcoming this and getting ads to correctly scale
  • 36:38 The Difference between Broad Match and general broad audiences and how they are both helping find new customers for brands
  • 39:34 The most common mistakes you are likely making when managing your ads

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