054: Ryan Deiss – The 5 Step Customer Value Optimization System With The King Of Conversion

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Ryan Deiss

The company that is willing to spend the most to acquire a customer will win.

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customer value optimization

The company that is willing to spend the most to acquire a customer will win.

Ryan Deiss teaches you how to win by optimizing your customer acquisition with his 5 step Customer Value Optimization System.

Ryan Deiss is the founder of a number of online media/publishing businesses, most notably DigitalMarketer.com. He is considered the “King of Conversion” and is the creator of the funnel models used by 90% of today’s “A” list online marketers, like Neil Patel of Quicksprout and Kissmetrics. He’s also set up funnels for William Shatner.

His companies sell products and services in over a dozen markets to hundreds of thousands of customers on every continent in the world… except Antarctica (which, if you’re ever in Antarctica and you’re willing to buy something let him know so he can say he sold something there…he’ll refund you after the purchase ;))

Over the last 36 months Ryan and his team have:

  • Invested over $15,000,000 on marketing tests…
  • Generated tens of millions of unique visitors…
  • Sent well over a BILLION permission-based emails, and…
  • Run approximately 3,000 split and multi-variant tests…
  • Combined, his companies have generated over $100 MILLION in online sales.

Ryan is also a highly sought after speaker and consultant.

He leads the annual Traffic and Conversion Summit, the largest conversion conference in North America where you can find out what’s working in digital marketing now. He is also the chairman of War Room, the elite mastermind membership where he leads and consults with the best and brightest in the world when it comes to growing businesses using the latest and greatest digital marketing strategies.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • Why he who spends the most to acquire a customer will win.
  • What Bass Pro Shops and your ecommerce business have in common.
  • How to acquire customers with lower prices without devaluing your brand.
  • The 5 Step Customer Value Optimization System.

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