071: “Ecommerce Is A Bear” By Andy Dunn Of Bonobos

Hosted by: Austin Brawner

The impending death of traditional retail has been predicted numerous times in the recent past...

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ecommerce is a bear

The impending death of traditional retail has been predicted numerous times in the recent past…

…but in 20 years of ecommerce in the US, only two ecommerce companies of meaningful value have been created: Amazon and Ebay.

Ecommerce is no longer about throwing up a quick store and sourcing from Alibaba, hoping to ride the “ecommerce gravy train” to riches.

It’s about building a real business, a brand, that is going to last through the turbulence of an ever-changing internet and retail world and takes you into the next ecommerce world we’re heading into.


The problem is, “ECommerce Is A Bear”…a big gnarly one. One that can crush you.

Today’s episode is a reading of an article by one of the smartest, most successful ecommerce brand owners, Andy Dunn of Bonobos.

In this episode, he talks about four specific strategies to help you build a brand that can “fend off” the grizzly (a few of which we’ve been talking about a lot lately).

It’s really a culmination, a summary, of what we’ve been teaching you over the past 70+ episodes of Ecommerce Influence.

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