193: “Must Know” Elements of Successful Ecom Design Most Business Forget

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Kurt Elster

How often have you added a new element to your website because you thought it “looked cool”?

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ecommerce website design

How often have you added a new element to your website because you thought it “looked cool”?

The reality is that a jumble of “cool” widgets and features can slow down your site and actually worsen your customer experience.

In today’s episode, we bring back Kurt Elster who is a specialist in conversion rate optimization and runs an ecommerce website design and development agency, Ethercycle.

Kurt shares his insights on the key components of a successful ecommerce website design. Learn the how-tos and what-nots of what makes a great website, including product page design, the importance of great copywriting, and why design actually shouldn’t be your #1 focus.


Episode Highlights

  • 5:02 “Ruthless Empathy”: the mindset Kurt says you need to have when analyzing your website.
  • 6:44 The core elements of successful ecommerce website design.
  • 8:46 The questions to ask yourself to determine whether you really need all those widgets on your site.
  • 10:41 How to balance simplicity with complexity in your website.
  • 13:22 Why you should approach your website design with a clear decision framework, rather than a design wishlist.
  • 15:36 The interesting things Walmart is doing with its web design that have helped increase its online sales.
  • 20:04 What Austin sees as a standout on Walmart’s site that a lot of Shopify stores don’t do.
  • 21:29 Which design should come first: mobile or desktop?
  • 24:49 The key elements to include on your homepage.
  • 27:00 Aspects of homepage design that work to direct people to the product page (and why this should be your #1 goal).
  • 30:59 Your product pages: the must-haves, what’s usually missing, and the perfect example of a business that’s doing it right.
  • 35:08 Why Kurt doesn’t believe you should use artificial scarcity to drive people to buy.
  • 37:20 How to use urgency and scarcity in a legitimate way.
  • 38:54 Why you should be using video on your product page.
  • 41:34 An alternative to artificial scarcity as suggested by Austin.
  • 43:49 The best ways to sell complementary products to people and increase AOV.
  • 49:39 Why Kurt’s excited about the future of personalization.
  • 51:19 Something Kurt believes to be true that most other entrepreneurs don’t agree with.

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