223: Are You Addicted to Your Business? The Truth about Entrepreneurial Burnout

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Mike Jackness

You look up at the clock and realize you’ve been working for 14 hours.

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Entrepreneurial Burnout

You look up at the clock and realize you’ve been working for 14 hours.

You’ve still got a dozen more emails to respond to before you can go home, maybe spend a little time with your family, then get 4 hours of sleep and start the cycle again the next day.

Sound familiar? This, my friends, is the recipe for burnout.

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get addicted to your work and feel like if you’re not spending 16 hours a day trying to grow your business, the person who is will beat you to the top.

Burnout isn’t talked about enough in the ecommerce world.

But today we’re changing that in our conversation with Mike Jackness, Co-Founder of EcomCrew and someone who has built and sold multiple businesses.

Mike shares the story of how he got started in ecommerce, his criteria for buying a business, and what it means to deal with entrepreneurial burnout.

This conversation really hit home for us, and we hope you get a lot out of it.

Episode Highlights

  • 6:28 Mike’s life on the road for the last several months.
  • 7:52 Who is Mike Jackness and how did he get started in ecommerce?
  • 9:30 From ice wraps to adult coloring books: the variety of businesses Mike’s been involved with over the years.
  • 11:49 Big opportunities in ecommerce right now that will help your brand stand out.
  • 14:27 The criteria Mike’s looking for as he’s thinking about buying another business.
  • 18:53 Strategies for increasing average order value and customer lifetime value.
  • 23:24 If you’re going to launch a new product, make sure it has synergy with the rest of your brand.
  • 26:05 The truth about entrepreneurial burnout and the importance of having connections and support.
  • 30:05 Things to watch out for to help prevent yourself from burning out and the ongoing struggle of running a business.
  • 34:35 How do you create an environment where you don’t have to compete?
  • 36:25 The importance of identifying the time when you’re actually being productive.
  • 39:12 Technical challenges of living on the road.

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