232: How To Get Started With Email Marketing

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Andrew Foxwell

Today we’re bringing you part two of our “How to Get Started” series, and in this episode, we’re talking about email marketing.

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get started with email marketing

Today we’re bringing you part two of our “How to Get Started” series, and in this episode, we’re talking about email marketing.

If you’ve recently launched a business and want to get started with email marketing, this episode is for you.

Or, if you’ve had an agency managing your email for some time, and want to make sure everything is running as it should be, there are some helpful tips in here that will deepen your understanding.

We talk about best practices for list creation, how to capture leads, which emails to create first, how to determine the number of emails you should be sending, and more.


Episode Highlights

  • 5:23 Choosing an email service provider (ESP), and why Klaviyo is a great option for many businesses.
  • 6:56 Getting your ESP set up correctly: some key things to keep in mind.
  • 9:43 Best practices for list creation and management.
  • 10:43 Checklist for making sure your ESP is set up correctly.
  • 11:23 How to start capturing leads and growing your list.
  • 13:11 The more unique your offer, the better. But ultimately, don’t overcomplicate it.
  • 15:10 Building an email template for your brand.
  • 18:45 Austin’s recommended approach for warming up your audience.
  • 20:59 Campaign emails vs flow emails and which ones to prioritize.
  • 23:06 Automated email flows to start with: Welcome Series (Buy or Die), Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandonment.
  • 26:07 Best practices for sending campaign emails and how to start segmenting your list.
  • 30:30 When it’s right to expand your audience: the ideal open rates to look for.
  • 30:44 How to decide how many emails you should be sending.
  • 32:56 Examples of valuable content that drives revenue.

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