230: How To Get Started With Facebook Advertising

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Andrew Foxwell

One of the questions we’ve received from several listeners recently is, “Can you guys talk about how to get started with Facebook advertising?”

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get started with facebook advertising

One of the questions we’ve received from several listeners recently is, “Can you guys talk about how to get started with Facebook advertising?”

We’ve done quite a few episodes where we talk about scaling up your Facebook ads, but we’ve never started at the very beginning.

Today we’re doing just that.

If you’ve never advertised on Facebook before, or you’re just starting out, this episode is for you.

We’ll talk through how to set up Facebook Business Manager, how to start building audiences for different parts of the sales funnel, how to approach your initial budget, and what success looks like in your first few months of advertising.


Episode Highlights

  • 6:35 If you’re just getting started with Facebook advertising, here are the first steps.
  • 8:01 Dynamic Product ads: what are they and why you need them.
  • 8:50 Creating customer avatars to inform your interest-based targeting.
  • 10:51 The main hurdles you may come across when setting up Facebook Business Manager.
  • 13:00 How to check whether you’ve set up Business Manager correctly.
  • 14:34 Where people often get stuck with creative and the components of great content.
  • 16:51 The three phases of the sales funnel and how to start building audiences for each phase right out of the gate.
  • 20:13 How to approach the first three months of advertising: crafting your brand message, how much to spend, and what success looks like.
  • 23:23 What is your Cost Per Acquisition goal, and how do you determine it?
  • 26:38 How to understand your initial Facebook advertising metrics.
  • 28:16 Where to go next after you’re getting comfortable with your advertising.
  • 29:35 How to decide which objective to pick for different parts of the funnel.
  • 31:31 Two objectives you shouldn’t be using.
  • 34:07 The key component you have to understand when you get started with Facebook advertising and what success often looks like for the first several months.

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