190: When To Hire a Director of Marketing and How To Do It Successfully

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Andrew Foxwell

A topic that’s come up a lot in my recent conversations is how to hire a high-level marketing person.

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how to hire a cmo

A topic that’s come up a lot in my recent conversations is how to hire a high-level marketing person.

Finding the right candidate can be tough, and when you’re a business owner doing a million other things, it can be even tougher.

In this episode, Andrew and I talk through the hiring process, from deciding when to hire, to where to look for the best candidates, and the questions to ask before hiring to make sure you’re getting the best person for the job.


Episode Highlights:

  • 3:41 How to know when it’s time to hire a CMO or Director of Marketing and one of the key signs to look for.
  • 6:28 Two main things to understand when you start the hiring process for a high-level marketing candidate.
  • 7:35 The most effective way to find the ideal candidate.
  • 9:23 Tips for working with a recruiter to find your next CMO.
  • 11:14 The two different types of candidates you’ll find when hiring a Director of Marketing.
  • 13:24 What to ask a potential new hire before you bring them in for an interview and the type of answers to look for.
  • 17:32 Once you confirm someone is a good fit, it’s time for the 15-minute phone call. Here are the questions to ask during that call.
  • 19:42 What is a “T-Shaped Marketer” and why you want to hire one.
  • 23:46 The framework for the in-person interview and what to look for.
  • 25:29 The last thing to do before hiring the person you think is the right fit.

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