179: Making A Comeback After The Google Medic Update

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Nat Eliason

The Google Medic update a few months ago caused a big upset for many people in the ecommerce space.

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improving seo

The Google Medic update a few months ago caused a big upset for many people in the ecommerce space.

Our guest today, Nat Eliason, is an expert in content marketing and SEO, and he shares his insights into what happened, the outcome, and why he thinks Google is smart for the changes they’ve made, even though some of his own clients were impacted.

Nat joins us on the podcast for the second time and you won’t want to miss his discussion about why solid, well-written content is still the best way to drive traffic to your site and his recommendations for the best tools for auditing your site and improving SEO.


Episode Highlights

  • 4:44 Why Nat practices intermittent fasting.
  • 7:36 How Growth Machine has grown over the last year since Nat’s first time on the Ecommerce Influence podcast.
  • 11:10 Why creating awesome content is still the best way to drive traffic to your site.
  • 14:21 Nat explains why it’s better to be paying a bit more for better writers and better content.
  • 15:30 How the 80/20 rule applies differently when it comes to writing a creative article.
  • 18:30 Google Medic update: what it is and its effect on different sites.
  • 21:37 Nat’s hypothesis about why some health sites were hurt by the Medic update more than others.
  • 25:06 Recommendations for those that have been hurt by the Medic update.
  • 26:36 Why creating a second blog might be a good strategy to try to increase your results on Google.
  • 30:08 Why Nat says Google was smart to make the update.
  • 31:17 Nat’s favorite tools for site auditing.
  • 32:51 The main things to look for in your site audit results.
  • 33:46 Other tools Nat recommends.
  • 35:23 “No More Struggle Porn” – how Nat’s article originated, why he took a stance on idolizing the obsession with working hard, and how it reached more than 350,000 views.
  • 42:21 The reality of what it actually looks like to be an entrepreneur.
  • 44:16 Realizing that working harder and struggling can be a false sense of progress in your business.
  • 49:40 The importance of creating space for play within the business lifestyle.
  • 51:42 The books that had the biggest impact on Nat this year.

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