121: [Case Study] Growth in an Ultra-Competitive Niche with Jeremy Roberts

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Andrew Foxwell

Do you struggle to get an ROI on Facebook?

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Do you struggle to get an ROI on Facebook?

You’re not alone. In this episode, Jeremy Roberts shares how he’s been able to grow his business while operating in the hyper-competitive space of women’s clothing. What can you do when all your competitors are venture backed? Jeremy shares what has worked for him.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • 2:44 What is Tradlands?
  • 4:38 How does Tradlands thrive in such a competitive niche?
  • 7:20 Email systems/framework that actually work
  • 9:15 How email marketing can influence the way you spend on Facebook…
  • 10:28 Can a business coach positively impact your business?
  • 13:20 Common mistakes people make on Shopify
  • 16:50 Apps and tactics that work well and increase revenue…
  • 22:13 Pop-ups and the difference between overlays..
  • 24:30 Useful and helpful Shopify apps…
  • 27:40 Do the work yourself or hire someone to do it?
  • 28:50 Breaking bad habits…
  • 29:39 Advice for our listeners?
  • 31:00 Are the majority of business owners self-taught?

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