168: How to Manage Your Marketing At Scale

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When you’re just starting your business and running it small and lean, it’s easy to implement new projects right away. Right?

If you go to a conference and get a new idea, you can go in and execute it. As your business and team scales up, it’s no longer possible to implement your ideas immediately. You need to plan and get your team involved.

Many businesses get stuck here and never move forward. They feel momentum but can’t take advantage of it because they can’t effectively manage their marketing at scale. This leads to stress, burnout and missed opportunities.

How do you transition from doing everything right away to having to plan it out and delegate it out? This often requires taking a step back before stepping forward. In today’s episode, we’re going to share a 3 step process to help you manage your marketing at scale.

Episode Highlights

  • 6:03 What it means to be at scale.
  • 10:29 The questions you should be asking when planning to scale your business.
  • 11:54 How discovering your Kolbe score can unlock your potential to scale your business.
  • 14:00 How documenting tasks can shine a light on what you are really doing in your business.
  • 16:18 How templating projects or tasks can bring about improved creativity.
  • 17:20 The most important thing you should consider if you are listening to this podcast.
  • 18:20 What to look at first before delegating out any documented tasks.
  • 19:32 Your business is not different, you can delegate tasks too.

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