271: The Secret to Lowering Your Taxes with Offshore Business & Global Citizenship

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offshore business

Building an offshore business is often thought to be risky, or even illegal. However, it’s now becoming a very common, and legal way, to lower your global tax rate — as much as 42%.

“Go where you’re treated best,” is Andrew Henderson’s famous tagline.

A US ex-pat and founder of Nomad Capitalist, Andrew has legally lowered his global tax rate from 43% to 1%. Now he helps entrepreneurs keep more of their own money, live freely around the world, and create wealth faster through offshore strategies.  

I found Andrew when searching for a way to diversify my citizenship. I quickly discovered that he’s a wealth of knowledge on ways to reduce your tax burden and I’m excited for you to listen to the show. 

In this episode, we talk about common misconceptions about building an offshore business, what it’s really like living a nomadic lifestyle, and the benefits it can offer to both you and your family.


Episode Highlights

  • 4:47 Andrew’s philosophy of viewing the world as your buffet 
  • 6:57 The history behind flag theory
  • 9:48 Why you should be harnessing difficult countries for different benefits
  • 13:02 The biggest misconceptions about offshore business
  • 19:26 A case for investing in international real estate
  • 22:46 Challenges associated with frontier markets
  • 26:05 How families are taking advantage of global citizenship
  • 30:21 The differences between a tax-friendly state and a tax-friendly country
  • 33:51 What it’s like living a nomadic lifestyle
  • 37:35 Andrew’s hypothesis on the future state of taxes
  • 42:02 How to approach getting a second passport
  • 47:42 Questions to ask yourself when deciding if an offshore business is right for you
  • 52:03 Where you can get in touch with Andrew

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