350: Bootstrapped to 8 Figures: Driving Organic Traffic with Influencers and TikTok Acquisition

Hosted by: Lily Ackerly with Jason Wong

How to grow a bootstrapped brand from nothing to 8 figures by thinking outside the box to drive organic traffic with influencers and TikTok acquisition.

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Organic Traffic with Influencers and TikTok Acquisition

How to grow a bootstrapped brand from nothing to 8 figures by thinking outside the box to drive organic traffic with influencers and TikTok acquisition.

Jason Wong started his first eCommerce business when he was just 15 years old. Since then he’s become one of the top marketers and entrepreneurs in the space. 

He’s built a framework to build bootstrapped brands up to 8 figures using organic TikTok and influencer content. 

He was one of the first to see TikTok as an opportunity. As a forward thinker, he has a lot of ideas on what the future of eCommerce looks like and where the opportunities for growth are. 

Episode Highlights:

  • 3:33 Jason’s start in eComm (at 15!)
  • 7:00 How Jason manages his competing priorities and many interests 
  • 10:06 Hitting $15MM in one year (without outside investing)
  • 13:30 What’s working with influencers on TikTok right now
  • 16:58 How to find influencers and get quality content from them
  • 21:05 The difference between Instagram and TikTok influencers 
  • 22:05 Building a content creation system for UGC 
  • 27:04 Tools & tips to manage and track influencer partnerships
  • 29:58 Driving acquisition through organic TikTok 
  • 31:01 Where to start on TikTok 
  • 34:43 Are 10-minute videos on TikTok working?
  • 36:12 Pairing organic TikTok with SEO 
  • 39:26 What the next opportunities in acquisition are: content & SEO 
  • 43:04 Wins with loyalty & referral 
  • 44:57 Personalization & tech opportunities coming to eComm 


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