003: How You Can Print Leads & Print Money Each And Everyday Through Pay Per Click – Grant James, Lead PPC

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Grant James

How can you print more leads and print more money with pay per click?

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pay per click

How can you print more leads and print more money with pay per click?

Join us as Grant shares with us the tips and tricks of insanely profitable pay per click campaigns, campaigns that are seeing returns of up to 3–4x on the ad spend.

Grant is the CEO of Lead PPC and has been in internet marketing for the last 5 years. He’s owned successful companies in SEO, info-marketing, marketing automation, social media (he has 1.1 million Facebook fans), mastermind groups and others.

Despite all of their previous success with these other online mediums, he still insists that you should grow your business with pay per click because it provides the highest quality leads of people who are in the final stages of making a purchasing decision.

Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview

  • Why he thinks search engine marketing is the best way to grow your business quickly and why he thinks it’s the most consistent advertising medium out there.
  • Why no pay per click competition in a given market is a red flag and why the more competition a market does have is much more profitable.
  • How a poor landing page drives up your pay per click costs.
  • Which type of keyword you should be avoiding when getting started and the breakdown of each type.
  • The amount of time an ecommerce executive should be spending on their pay per click accounts each week and a resource to help you spend less than 20 minutes per week.
  • He answers the main question he hears from his clients which is, “Are we going to make money and how much?”
  • The easiest way to efficiently track all pay per click campaigns to make sure you’re getting a healthy return on your ad spend.
  • His take on a few life philosophies.
  • Plus a lot more!

Links and Resources Mentioned

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