002: How Evan Prepared His Website For the Hit Show Shark Tank & How He Boosted Sales by 14.97% – Evan Mendelsohn, Tipsy Elves

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Evan Mendelsohn

How do you properly prepare your website for Shark Tank and the massive influx of visitors from high traffic events?

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Prepare Your Website For Shark Tank

How do you properly prepare your website for Shark Tank and the massive influx of visitors from high traffic events?

Join us as Evan shares with us how prepared the Tipsy Elves website for the hit show Shark Tank & how he boosted sales by 14.97%.

Evan is the Founder and CEO of Tipsy Elves. Before Tipsy Elves, Evan received an MBA and a Law Degree from USC spent a year and a half practicing Corporate Law at Sheppard-Mullin before pulling the plug on his life as an attorney and turning his attention to online business ventures.

Since then, he’s run quite a few successful ecommerce and informational sites, his most successful being Tipsy Elves. Founded in 2011 with his college buddy Nick Morton, Tipsy Elves designs and manufactures a hilarious collection of brand-new Christmas sweaters, sweater dresses, jumpsuits, and accessories.

In December of 2013, he landed a $100,000 deal from Robert Herjavec in one of the highest rated Shark Tank episodes of all-time, he’s an SEO and e-commerce master, and avid traveler.

Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview

  • How Evan prepared his website to make sure his marketing was going to be able to capture and then turn the influx of visitors into paying customers. Including:
    • Website alterations continue the scent trail from the show
    • Implementing an exit pop up offering a discount for an email
    • Emphasizing flat-rate express shipping
    • Referral program
    • Implementing a shopping cart abandonment recovery sequence
  • How long it took to prepare and how they prioritized the initiatives.
  • How he stabilized his website to make sure it didn’t crash.
  • The importance of more split testing.
  • What he recommends to other ecommerce executives who might have a high traffic event coming up.
  • The concepts and ideas he’s excited to launch in the next year.
  • Plus a lot more!

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