228: The Things We Hate Episode

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things we hate

Today we’re taking a break from our normal programming to go on a short rant about things we hate in the ecommerce industry.

We want to shed light on some of the frustrating things we’ve come across over the years to help you keep your sanity as you’re growing your business.

We believe in the importance of truth and transparency, and that every single business is different. I hope our little rant today will help you avoid frustration and see through the B.S.


Episode Highlights

  • 5:32 Thing we hate #1: When people take advantage of business owners by making things seem more complicated than they really are.
  • 9:18 Just because it’s a big, well-recognized company, doesn’t mean it’s actually doing well, so don’t compare yourself.
  • 11:11 Warning signs to watch out for with bogus business information.
  • 11:47 Thing we hate #2: When entrepreneurs are told they have to be running ads on every single possible channel.
  • 15:07 Thing we hate #3: Example sharing without context.
  • 18:11 Thing we hate #4: Not having enough information about why people are building their businesses a certain way and the lifestyles they’re hoping to achieve.
  • 21:19 Why context is so important, and why there’s no simple success blueprint for every business to follow.
  • 23:17 An example of how to think about the bigger thematic approach when you’re trying to decide if a certain tactic is going to work for you.

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