031: Stop Wasting Your Time At Trade Shows, How DODOcase Exploded Their Business By Timing Product Launches With Major Events – Craig Dalton, Dodocase

Hosted by: Austin Brawner with Craig Dalton

Craig Dalton grew award-winning iPad case manufacturer DODOcase to well past 7 figures very quickly.

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timing product launches

Craig Dalton grew award-winning iPad case manufacturer DODOcase to well past 7 figures very quickly.

Here’s how he did it: By timing product launches with major events, and he teaches you how you can do the same.

DODOcase is a San Francisco-based maker of protective cases for the Apple iPad that have the look and feel of a luxury, hardcover notebook.

Their philosophy is simple, make things locally and help keep the art of bookbinding alive by adapting it to a world of tablets and e-readers.

Within just a few months of launching they were able to sell over 15,000 cases without a big budget to develop, market, and promote their products and primarily through the timing of product launches with major events.

In 2010, they entered Shopify’s “Build a Business” competition and were the grand prize winners of $100,000.

With a $680 million dollar market for iPad cases they have huge opportunity to be the number one quality brand for this segment of the carrying case market, and today Craig’s going to chat with us about what they’ve been doing to on their quest to $10million plus in revenue.

Topics Discussed Throughout this Interview

  • How DODOcase came into being and why predicting the trends helped them create a super successful niche.
  • Using Craigslist street teams to help them successfully get the launch they needed.
  • The power of using launches to build organic PR for products.
  • Craig’s thoughts on Shopify and why they’ve stuck with it.
  • What DODOcase does for email marketing that is working so well.
  • Social media marketing, what Craig likes and dislikes when coming up with ideas.
  • Capitalizing on Google’s launch of Google Cardboard (Craig’s already sold 13,000 units) and how you can duplicate the process for your business.
  • How Craig suggests doing PR outreach (that actually works).

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